70 years of rise and fall: Exploration of the transformation of Chinese workers' villages

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Worker's village is a regular determinant community composed of 4-6-storey brick and concrete houses, which appeared on the edge of urban areas or near outer suburbs during the rapid development of industrialization in China from 1950s to 1990s. Most of the residents who lived here witnessed the prosperity and vitality of the vigorous development of China during the industrialization period. With the development of industrial transformation, urban expansion and new real estate, workers' village has gradually become a village in the city and a shantytown as the basic living unit. The aging of buildings, the change of population structure and the change of residents' needs supporting facilities, open space and living quality need to be improved. Traditional workers' villages can no longer meet the daily needs of the people. In the new era, Chinese cities have also developed from extension to connotation, and cities are also gradually changing to stock development. The improvement of living environment quality of workers' villages has become a major problem and challenge for urban renewal. How to solve the problem of daily life such as workers and migrant population living in this area is an important work to alleviate the anxiety of the people's housing in China. Based on the reconstruction cases of workers' new villages in representative cities such as Shanghai, Gejiu and Chengdu, this paper analyzes and explores the way to improve the quality and revitalize the workers' villages from different groups, different levels and different renewal paths.
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3: Smartness and development. Al-Souq: innovating for performance and management
Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning & Design Institute Co. Ltd.
Honghe Autonomous City,Yunnan Province
Honghe Housing and Urban-Rural Development Authority

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