ActiCity: a city that encourages physical activities

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This session will discuss the possibilities of creating healthy built environments that encourage physical activities of citizens. Currently noncommunicable diseases are one of the most serious threats to people, but some of the factors can be managed by staying physically active. The way that cities are build not necessarily promote or even allow physical activities of citizens, such as walking, running, playing and moving around. Although there are other factors that prevent people from exercising, the quality of space and accessibility to infrastructure are of major significance. This session will bring together speakers - both invited and selected from submitted abstracts - that will present examples of spaces, projects and interventions in cities that can help to boost citizen participation in active recreation. It will also present the findings of the 100 page manual that was developed during the ISOCARP Mentor and Student Research Lab 3.0. These are the guidelines to transform cities into active spaces. Especially in the times of Covid-19 pandemic, it is visible how some spaces are able to cater for the citizens to exercise. As a special approach the session will introduce runnability as an easy way of activating citizens through running. The session will discuss the strategies and policies taken by different countries in those difficult times, that would either encourage or discourage people from exercising. Additionally a social running event will be organised in Doha to explore the city in an active way.
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2: Well-being and health. Al-Fereej: caring for living conditions
Congress Director, Senior Urban Planning Specialist
Ministry of Municipality and Environment
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