Discussion on the management and control of urban waterfront space planning returning to the public

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Waterfront space is naturally public and high-value attraction,However, due to the shortcomings of its public guarantee mechanism, under the influence of market economy profit rules, the problems of private occupation of waterfront public space and irrational construction are widespread. Taking Guangzhou as an example, this paper selected representative water bodies at all levels for investigation, and found that these waterfront spaces have problems of access and use to a certain extent.In order to solve these problems, We aim to return the waterfront space to the public and take "people-oriented" as the technical basis, drawing lessons from the relevant research and practice of Shanghai’s Huangpu River Pudong Coastal Through Project, Sanya River Waterfront Protection and Utilization, Chicago River Management and Control in the United States, and New York’s Waterfront Space Planning Requirements, We put forward seven planning elements management and control strategies including traffic accessibility, visual accessibility, waterfront interface, waterfront mouth rate, waterfront retreat, waterfront height control, waterfront service functions and facilities,and further discussed the implementation of safeguard measures, in order to promote the planning and construction of waterfront public space back to the public.
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3: Smartness and development. Al-Souq: innovating for performance and management
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