A Framework for Constructing Biophilic Urban Nature——Based on the Analysis of Biophilic Aesthetics Cognition and Its Landscape Space Carriers

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Aesthetic cognition is an important component of landscape cognition and the development of human consciousness. The ecological dimension presented by the public in aesthetic cognition is often the key factor to measure the level of social ecological civilization construction. Compared with the ecological construction and regulation of physical space, it is also an important aspect to promote the leapfrog development of ecological civilization construction by bringing the public ecological consciousness to a deep ecological level of natural care and ethical justice through the construction of aesthetic cognition. Rooted in the basic cognition that "there is an innate emotional connection between human beings and life and life processes", biophilia emphasizes that human beings can maintain positive emotional response and behavioral expression to direct or indirect life stimuli. Based on people's inherent biophilic nature, guiding people to form biophilic aesthetic cognition through the biophilic landscape space identification, planning and design, is an effective means to enhance public ecological awareness. The research and practice related to the biophilic concept has always been a hot spot in international research, and mostly focused on the pure natural science and the micro and medium space scale, such as finding evidence in neuroscience, traceability of evolutionary ecology, measurement of environmental ecological psychology, architectural design and evaluation, and exploration of the aesthetic preferences of landscape experiencers for certain landscape features, however, there is relatively scarce research on a comprehensive framework of the planning and design methods of biophilic landscape space based on the urban scale. Taking the concept of biophilia as a new viewpoint, and based on the analysis of biophilia and biophilic aesthetic cognition, as well as the empirical research on biophilia promoting environmental preference, put up that nature, wilderness nature and urban nature are respectively the totality, origin and living landscape spaces supporting the occurrence of biophilic aesthetic cognition. Meanwhile, through three contents of design points, planning pictures and living visions, and with the urban biophilic green network, urban biophilic green community, and one-step away from nature as a scale framework, the living landscape space construction bearing the cognition of the biophilic aesthetics, namely the biophilic urban nature construction, was mainly explored. The aim is to provide useful reference for the construction of biophilic aesthetic cognition and the identification, planning and design of its landscape space carrier.
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