Analysis on the coupling relationship between urban traffic accessibility pattern evolution and land use change —— Taking Mianzhu City as an example, a pilot county-level city for new urbanization construction demonstration

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In recent years, the pace of urbanization in China has been continuously advancing. On the one hand, urban land has gradually shifted from high-intensity expansion to maintaining both stock and quality improvement. On the other hand, the surge in urban traffic demand has made the contradiction between transportation and urban land increasingly prominent. Accessibility is the key link connecting land use and transportation construction, and it is directional to predict urban land use change. In this paper, the land use change and traffic accessibility of Mianzhu City in 2008 and 2014 were analyzed. On the basis of CA-Markov model, the traffic network accessibility factor was added to improve the simulation accuracy. The land use pattern of Mianzhu City in 2026 under the urban development scenario and traffic development scenario was simulated. Based on the research results of the evolution of traffic accessibility pattern and the characteristics of urban land use change, the coupling relationship between the two was analyzed. The results show that the traffic system and urban spatial expansion are intrinsically linked, showing an interactive coupling and collaborative evolution pattern. There are differences in the number of land use needs in Mianzhu City in 2026. The growth of construction land in the region under the urban development scenario is the largest. With the development of traffic infrastructure construction, the positive impact of urban construction land scale on traffic accessibility is weakened. Finally, some suggestions such as optimizing the spatial layout of traffic stations are put forward to improve the mutual adaptability between urban traffic planning and land use planning. This study can provide scientific basis and technical support for the rational utilization, management and planning of land resources and urban traffic in Mianzhu City, and promote the intensive and efficient utilization of urban land space resources.
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5: Uniqueness and connectivity. Al-Baraha: unlocking urban futures
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