Application Scales, Dimensions and Scenarios of City Information Modeling (CIM) - Based on the Practice in Guangzhou, China

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City Information Modeling (CIM), on the basis of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Geographic Information System (GIS), Internet of Things (IoT) etc., has incorporated a full-factor spatial model with two and three-dimensional information and data of cities, and therefore, is a fundamental and critical platform for smart city construction. Based on CIM platform, simulation of scheme for city planning and design has brought it to fruition in the following aspects: it can carry out simulation in a world of digital twin to discover experiences and laws, moreover, it can effectively be implemented and executed in this physical world so as to cut costs in terms of trial-and-error; and a benign interaction of “virtual vs. real” nature is therefore achieved. From this perspective, the construction and application of CIM platform are of great practical significance to improve the comprehensive city management and operation capability. This research, based on the clarified construction principle and development of CIM, combining with the practice in Guangzhou city, has elaborated the specific application of CIM platform in different spatial scale, such as monomer construction, communities (campus) and cities, and also application at different operating stage, including city planning, design, construction, management and operation. Moreover, this research takes the representative application scenarios of “CIM+Smart Site”, “CIM + smart parking” and “CIM + city renewal” into account, based on which, analyses the chief role and its function as guiding framework concerning CIM platform in city management. Stemmed from these efforts, practical experience is therefore summarized, providing reference to further explore extensive “CIM +” application and promote the construction of city information digital platform for related sectors.
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3: Smartness and development. Al-Souq: innovating for performance and management
School of Architecture, South China University of Technology
School of architecture, South China University of Technology
Augur Intelligence Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd
Augur Intelligence Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

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