Construction of A County Level's Water System Restoration Framework at Based on Ecological Wisdom——A Case of Weiyuan

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In the context of ecological civilization construction in the new era and the preliminary establishment of the land and space planning in China, the ecological spatial planning moves from background to foreground, the urban development has changed from "ecological priority” to "ecological design orientation"which emphasizes the use of ecology to guide the transition of regional development.As a complex organism, the correlation degree of each ecological element in the region is very high, and the water system is an important factor in the series of ecological elements which connecting others . Maintaining river ecological traits is an important link in the comprehensive management of the region and the realization of ecological transformation, and it is also the key to improving the resilience of the regional ecosystem. In view of the insufficient research scale of ecological restoration of water system and insufficient exploration of natural hydrological cycle mechanism at this stage, this article introduces the concept of ecological wisdom, emphasizes the protection and restoration of water cycle mechanism and learning simulation ,and discusses the regional water body restoration framework. Water body database construction, pattern target locking, water body restoration strategy construction and construction project library determine the entire regional water body restoration framework.On this basis, combined with the practice of ecological restoration in Weiyuan County, Sichuan Province, It is pointed out that the evaluation tools of geographic information system (GIS) should be used for geographic characteristics, base analysis and simulation analysis first. Then construct the overall goal of improving the resilience of the water system, and the sub-goals including hydrological pattern, water quantity pattern, water quality pattern and water landscape pattern. After that, water body restoration strategy construction which are spatial system optimization, multiple activation of waterscape, the process cycle control means consisting of source conservation and purification, process dredging control, as well as end storage and quality improvement should be given. , and finally to formulate relevant construction project libraries.Hope research can provide relevant planning New ideas and reference.
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4: Resilience and adaptability. Al-Waha: promoting glocal solutions
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