Designerly simulation for integration of user-behavior and energy performance in urban development

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Aim: The research highlights the role of the occupant in urban development (user presence, user interactions) in environmental conditions (thermal, light, air quality, noise). Material and method: Designerly way of knowing is the backbone of research methodology. The research will select the most famous buildings in Iran in which energy performance and building simulation are analyzed based on recently developed software in the first step. This step is going to be done by the snowball sampling (or chain sampling) technique. In the second step, the actual energy performance of the samples is going to be addressed comprehensively. In the third step, similarities and differences between predicted energy behavior and the actual behavior of the selected buildings are going to be compared. Findings: The occupant's influence on environmental conditions (thermal, light, air quality, noise) is apparent. The occupants' behavior, control actions, space utilization characteristics, and operational schedule have a meaningful influence on the energy performance and environmental conditions. The results indicate a meaningful relationship between the designerly approach toward energy efficiency and the success of the city simulation to more accurate, which directly influences the thermal comfort perception of the occupant. Conclusion: The conclusion emphasizes the role of architectural design and the meaningful influence of early-stage design decisions on occupant behavior while emphasizing the weight of user behavior on the energy demand. The conclusion proposes a designerly approach toward energy efficiency, in which the most crucial decisions have to be taken in the early stage design and well-organized occupancy schedule of the spaces Keywords Designerly of approach, user-behavior, urban development, occupancy schedule,
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2: Well-being and health. Al-Fereej: caring for living conditions
Dean of Highperformance Architecture Laboratory, & Professor of Architecture, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
Tarbiat Modares University

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