A morphological study of the relationship between the “Zicheng”and the mountain in the south of the Yangtze River in the Song Dynasty of China

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The mountain was an important base condition, space skeleton structure and carrier of human elements for the construction of ancient Chinese cities. Ancient Chinese city planning placed a unique spiritual belief in mountains, reflecting the outstanding environmental wisdom.Zicheng is a small city built in Luocheng (also known as outer city and big city) in ancient China to protect the administrative, military and other public institutions. It can be regarded as a unique community space unit of ancient power groups.In morphological typology, it belongs to pre urban nucleus, a plane type unit existing before city development.The planning of Zicheng is the growth base of the overall living environment of ancient cities, and the construction of the relationship between Zicheng and the surrounding mountains is the starting point of the overall city planning, the establishment of human order and the display of aesthetic image.China's Zicheng system was mature in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and there are abundant historical materials in Jiangnan area in the Song Dynasty, which can provide a solid historical basis for research.Therefore, based on the textual research on the literature of Jiangnan Zicheng in Song Dynasty, using the research method of urban morphology, this paper discusses the shaping effect of the mountains around the city on the urban form from the macro, meso and micro scales, such as city location, boundary, orientation, road form and important buildings, and summarizes the spatial diagram of the relationship between Jiangnan sub city form and mountains.This study is of great significance to understand the process of city planning in Song Dynasty, the construction of urban landscape culture, and the distribution mechanism of urban landscape under the influence of power. It is also of great significance to the assignment of contemporary urban landscape and the unique emotional connection between city and mountain.
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5: Uniqueness and connectivity. Al-Baraha: unlocking urban futures
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