Assessment of the statistical correlation between urban heat emitted from the residential buildings in the State of Qatar and the corresponding water and electricity consumption.

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Since the 19th century, the global mean surface temperature is increasing, and hence global warming is gaining more attention ever than before. Urbanization is one of the important reasons that contribute for global warming. The State of Qatar introduced various proposals to extenuate the negative effects of climate change and global worming on the environment. However, Qatar is one of the countries in the globe that is experiencing rapid urbanization and development. The aim of this study is to investigate the correlation between urban heat emitted from different socioeconomic sectors and electricity consumption. Remoting sensing will be utilized as the main method to investigate this phenomenon in different land use areas in Qatar. The outcome of this study may have key implications for urban planners and electricity demand and consumption seeking to mitigate urban heat island effects, and reduce electricity consumption.
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3: Smartness and development. Al-Souq: innovating for performance and management
Assistant professor of geography and urban planning
Qatar University

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