Conservative of Peri urban area with its environment

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Track :5 uniqueness and connectivity Conservative of Peri urban area with its environment M. Manasa 1 , Arulmalar Ramaraj 2 1 Asst.Prof, Sri Venkateswara College of Architecture, Madhapur-Hyderbad, 2. Professor, Deprtment of Architecture, Sathyabama Institute of Science & Technology,Chennai-119. 2 Abstract Today’s world is under the pressure of Covid -19, Which is the one of the major challenges to the human existence. As result there is growth in peri urban area’s and the rural life style and increase in awareness in safeguarding the environmental planning and eco-friendly techniques in construction. Adaptive reuse of the resources with view to safeguard the peri-Urban Agriculture, forest, and the rural life forms with traditional values. By encouraging the existed craftsmanship in the peri-urban areas. Developing the area without disturbing the natural settings of the places. Coming up with plans with people’s participation along with the local authorities to develop the infrastructure. To conserver the lung spaces in order to reduce the emissions form the built forms and through vehicular emissions to cutdown the carbon emissions. This paper is attempt to study the urban and rural setting with its existing natural environment based on secondary source of data. By proper development in urban and rural connectivity through roads and railway. By encouraging the rural markets and also developing the nearby villages within the catchment areas. Warangal is the study area and its satellite town for Hyderabad, which 146km from Hyderabad city. And is well connected with both rail and roadways. Regional Setting: It is bounded on the North by Karimnagar district and Siddipet, on the West by Warangal rural district, on the South by Jangoan district and by Khammam district on East and South-east. The geographical area of the district is 12,846 Sq Kms. (Warangal City Development Plan (CDP) , 2011). The study is in the identified 42 villages which re merged into Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation. Key Words: Adaptive reuse, Urban Agriculture, Traditional values, peri-urban areas, infrastructure
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5: Uniqueness and connectivity. Al-Baraha: unlocking urban futures
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