Empowerment of marginalized group: a path to improving the community aging renovation under the background of population aging

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Data from the Seventh National Census showed that the population over 65 years old in China has increased by 5.44 percentage points in just ten years, indicating that China's future aging population will continue to deepen. Xi'an is one of the cities with serious aging, and urban pension mode is given priority to with family pension, the elderly life that occupy the home security caused by the optimal aging transformation has received the attention of the society and government. The community innovation has become the focus of xi an city construction, so it is crucial to realize the empowerment of the elderly population in existing communities and help improve the quality of old-age suitable reconstruction of communities. This paper analyzes the development connotation of community empowerment, takes X community as an example, discusses the problems and dilemmas faced by the elderly in the community participation in Xi 'an, and puts forward the corresponding realization path from three aspects of form empowerment, individual empowerment and organization empowerment, in the hope of helping other existing communities in Xi 'an to adapt to the aging.
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1: Inclusiveness and empowerment. Al-Majlis: planning with and for communities
Xi'an Eurasia University

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