Value Unlocked:Strategies on Connection between Green Open Space and Healthy Activity in Conghua,Guangzhou

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The COVID-19 epidemic has affected people's life activities, which makes the pursuit of health an important starting point for life behavior choices. Guangzhou Conghua is located in the northern part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in China. This is an urban community area with diverse ecological elements and high-quality ecological environment. Mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and other ecological elements are abundant in this area and its comprehensive air quality index ranks first in all districts in Guangzhou. After the COVID-19 epidemic, the green open space of Conghua has seen higher activity flow and activity intensity. During the Spring Festival holiday of 2021, the total number of tourists received in the region increased by 20.7% and tourism revenue increased by 48.04% compared with 2019 before the epidemic. Green open space has achieved a significant link with people's healthy life and it has played a more positive value in promoting health. This article analyzes the three characteristics of Conghua's green open space. First of these is the environmental quality. In 2020, the comprehensive ecological environment index reaches 86.7 in Conghua, ranking the forefront of the Pearl River Delta. The air quality, water environmental quality and acoustic environmental quality all reflect extremely high levels. The second is the scale. Large-scale ecological patches account for a large proportion, with a forest coverage rate of 69%, ranking first in Guangzhou. The third one is the distribution. Large-scale green patches are mainly concentrated in the northern mountain areas and urban parks and street parks are concentrated in the middle and the southern urban areas Both of them are connected through linear spaces such as ancient post roads, greenways, and fitness trails which shows ecological environment is well connected. After the COVID-19 epidemic, Conghua’s green open space activities have shown new characteristics. First, daily leisure activities prefer community parks with high convenience for sports activities, and weekend leisure activities prefer urban parks with high traffic accessibility and well-open space. Compared with the suburban ecological parks, the third is that vacation activities prefer the outer suburbs ecological parks with good environmental quality. Combining the above-mentioned preference relationship between green open space and living activities, this article proposes that after the COVID-19 epidemic, planning measures can be used to realize the link between green open space and healthy lifestyle, unlock the diversified value of green open space and create a distinctive healthy life model.
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2: Well-being and health. Al-Fereej: caring for living conditions
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